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Account list

Online Banking offers easy, 24 hour access to your account information in minutes and best of all it's free.

Once you've signed in to Online Banking, you'll see an overview of the accounts you have registered for Online Banking on the one screen. You can then select an account to get more details.


  • Keep an eye on your cash flow and manage your budget
  • Check account balances before paying your bills
  • Select your accounts using a Short Name that you assign for each Account
  • View most Westpac accounts including transaction accounts, most savings accounts and loans

Detailed view of each account

Choose an account from your list to get a detailed view of all the transactions you've made in this account. You are also able to:

  • View or print your last 10 debit and credit transactions
  • Export your transaction history to a range of formats to link to accounting software packages


Once you've accessed your Account List, simply click on an account short name to get a detailed view of that account.


Screenshot of account list in online banking