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Latest Scams

To help better protect you, this page provides information on some of the scams that are circulating at the moment

JUNE 2024

Invoice Scam

We've received multiple reports of invoice scamming, a serious cyber threat targeting businesses. This type of scam, known as Business Email Compromise (BEC), involves phishing emails that appear to be work-related, often mimicking communications from vendors, suppliers or companies within an existing relationship.

These fraudulent emails are designed to deceive you into making a payment, handing over personal information, or opening an attachment or link that can install malware on your device. This invoice scam targeted several customers, posing as a supplier claiming that a payment needed to be settled and urging recipients to click a link or open an invoice attachment. The link led to a fake landing page designed to steal passwords.

We urge you to remain vigilant and cautious with any unexpected emails, especially those requesting financial transactions or sensitive information. If you receive any suspicious emails, please report them immediately. Stay safe and protect your information.


What should I do?

If you receive an email with invoice similar to this:



  • Do not contact the phone number on the email
  • Do not click on any links or download/open any attachments
  • Forward the email to or notify your Relationship Manager
  • Once reported, delete the email and block the sender
  • Please be extremely vigilant for any unexpected or suspicious emails, phone calls or text messages, particularly those that ask you to take urgent action
  • If you believe you've been targeted by a scam, contact Westpac immediately on 132 032

Get familiar with our general hints and tips with Be Safe & Secure

Read our Be Safe & Secure (PDF 5MB) guide loaded with hints and tips so you can better safeguard yourself and your business from potential threats.

Things you should know

* Examples are based on one or more real scam reports received by Westpac. For privacy purposes real names have not been used.


Electronic Banking Services Terms and Conditions (PDF 449KB)