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Features and benefits

Import Documentary Collection
  • Provision of documentary evidence that goods have been shipped by the seller
  • Security - documents are released to you when the sellers terms and conditions are met
  • Safer alternative to prepayments
  • Cost-effective payment method.


Export Documentary Collection
  • Security - we only forward export documents to a bank in the buyer's country when payment terms and conditions are met
  • Availability in major currencies
  • Flexibility making it easier to take advantage of fluctuating market conditions.

Applying for Import or Export Documentary Collections

To find out more information of the applications and features available, simply speak to a Westpac Customer Service Representative by calling 132 032.

Things you should know

Fiji International Fees and Charges Booklet (PDF 103KB)

Credit facilities are subject to application and the Bank's normal lending assessment criteria.

Fees and charges may apply to the products and services listed. Full details of the Terms and Conditions are available on application.