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Features and benefits

  • No monthly account service fee or establishment fee
  • High fixed interest rate on balances of $1,000 and above1
  • A range of fixed investment terms available to suit your needs
  • Interest paid 6 monthly and at maturity2.



Refer to the Fiji Customer Service Fees Booklet (PDF 151KB)

Opening an account

Increased regulatory focus has led to enhanced requirements for Customer Due Diligence (CDD). With this in mind, prior to the account being opened, customers will need to:

Step 1 - Visit a Branch nearest you and bring along the following:

  • Certificate of registration and $35 for search fee. (As a mandatory requirement, the Bank will conduct a search to confirm ownership).
  • More information will be provided to you at this point, including mandatory forms to complete.

Step 2 - Once your search results are in place, you will be contacted by the Bank. You are required to collect and present the following documentations to the Bank for further verification:

  • Completed copy(ies) of mandatory forms. (These are forms provided to you in Step 1 above).
  • Copy of memorandum and articles, articles of association, by law etc.
  • Company Resolution - signed by an authorized individual naming authorized signatories and method of operation
  • Reserve Bank of Fiji letter (issue of shares to non-residents)
  • Investment Fiji certificate and confirmation (non – residents)
  • Valid business licence and/ hotel licence
  • TIN letter for company/organisation
  • Documentation to confirm source of funds
  • Minimum opening balance - $1000.00
  • Completed and signed forms – Please visit your nearest branch to obtain a copy of the form
  • Identification for all associated parties (A/P’s) i.e. Directors, Shareholders that own 20% or more, Company Secretary, Signatories, Agents etc. (Examples of identification noted below):

For Residents, we recommend that you provide the following identification documents (but not limited to):

  • Voter ID (Citizenship, Name, Residential Address, Date of Birth, Signature & Photo);
  • TIN Letter or Joint Card (Name, Photo & TIN) and;
  • An employment letter that states your occupation and confirmation that a salary is paid to you (Occupation & Source of Funds).

For Non-Residents, we recommend that you provide the following identification documents (but not limited to):

  • A copy of your passport - Biodata and Fiji Visa page (Citizenship, Name, Date of Birth & Photo/Signature),
  • Joint Card – Fiji Revenue and Customs Services (FRCS) (Name, Photo & TIN);
  • An official ID or document that confirms your residential address - Driver's license, tenancy agreement or a Reference Letter (Residential Address);
  • An employment letter that states your occupation or role and confirmation that a salary is paid to them (Occupation & Source of Funds).

Step 3 - Need help?

Simply speak to a Westpac Customer Service Representative by calling 132 032.

Things you should know

Deposit Terms and Conditions (PDF 163KB)

Customer Banking Agreement (PDF 102KB)

Fiji Customer Service Fees Booklet (PDF 151KB)


Conditions apply. Offer excludes corporate, institutional and government customers. If you are on a special rate and your Term Deposit rolls over automatically, the Term Deposit may be automatically re-invested at a lower rate than the current interest rate.

1. Interest rate adjustment may apply if funds are withdrawn before maturity.

2. Once your fixed term ends, you can withdraw your funds via bank cheque, cash or direct credit into another bank account.