Identification requirements

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call 132 032
or (679) 321 7800 from overseas


To open an account with Westpac, you will need to meet our 100-points Customer Identification process. You will need to provide two forms of identification, either:

  • Birth Certificate or Passport; and
  • Another photo identification - local Superannuation Card or Driver's License

There are other forms of identification accepted by Westpac. Please enquire at any Westpac Fiji branch or via Telephone Banking.

For the Youth Account:

  • Birth Certificate; and
  • Letter from school, or
  • If a parent as trustee opening an account for their child:
  • The child's birth certificate; and
  • The authorised signatory (the parent) will have to meet the 100 points identification

For the Tertiary Student Account:

  • Birth Certificate or Passport; and
  • Valid Student Identification Card from Tertiary institution

Local currency

The local currency is: 

Fiji flag  FJD - Fijian Dollar